Permaculture is an ecological design system for sustainability in all aspects of human endeavor. It teaches us how build natural homes, grow our own food, restore diminished landscapes and ecosystems, catch rainwater, build communities and much more. We recommend to join the interactive database that’s showcasing the exciting, solutions-based work being implemented by permaculture projects and practitioners worldwide:
The cannabis plant grows very easy in nature and there is no need to use chemical fertilizers. Here you can read about farmers experience growing with the permaculture filossofy.

Prevent problems:
If you plant strong smelling herb plants like thyme or rosemary in pots and place them next to the herb you want to protect, you will find you have very few problems with slugs or snails. Snails are repelled by the odors that these types of plants produce, and will generally look for other types of foliage on which to munch.

Chicken the garden helper:

Actually they dont eat the plant after it reaches 20cm, however they eat any preditor that wants to attack your plants. Chickens can  also clean your greenhouse if you have any pest problem.

Support Outdoor Medical Marijuana Plants:
Medical marijuana plants grown outdoors will produce enormous buds that, if you’re lucky, will need lots of support. This is a good problem. If you have buds that are so enormous your plant needs help to hold up all the weight you are doing something right. However, this is a “good” problem that you will need to address. Outdoor medical marijuana plants that go unsupported can become damaged. Branches can break, trunks can split, precious buds can droop to the ground where they lie helpless to invasive insects or excess moisture. The solution is support. There are a few methods growers use to ensure adequate support for their plants and the buds they bear. Another way to avoid this problem is to plant more plants pr m2. Then they will support one another...


  1. "Hemp, we know now, has a protective effect on plants grown near it because the volatile substances it excretes inhibit growth of certain pathogenic micro-organisms"

    "Hemp grown in the neighborhood of potatoes helps protect against phytophthora infestans, the cause of late blight." "Carrots Love Tomatoes" by Louise Riotte. (

  2. Congratulations! This is the best thing, Thank you so much for taking the time to share this exciting information.

  3. Thank you very much for god organic and human thinking.. Nice to show the world how to make the dessert green with organic and green thinking.. Hope the world would wake up and grow green with no poison or gmo etc.. Best regards from Denmark, the land with no nature left, becouse of the farming all over..

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