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We are hunting wild strains round the world. Follow our trips in to the wild.

Mountains of Lebanon:
We travelled to the mountains of Baalbek where the situation for the farmers is very bad. Since illegalization of cannabis the farmers have been struggling to survive. Every time when they have harvest in September the military and hizbollah attacks the farmers and starts destroying the plants. In one place the farmers have organised them selves ad created an army which is very successful in protecting their plants. These farmers grow in mountains where its almost impossible to reach with vehicles. All this brings the cost up for production and today Lebanese hash has reached 1000usd pr. kg. If they could grow it legal the production cost will be 200usd pr. kg. The Farmers here know that the hashish can cure many diseases but have no scientific prove therefore the majority of the public condemns them. However after our meeting they decided to push the government to grow legal medical cannabis as they found out the drug companies are legally manufacturing hashish as medicine in UK. And now that they have scientific prove they will start educating people so that they can gain public support.

The picture above is taken in a valley up in the mountains, the plants you see is what the famous red Lebanon is made from.

 In the left side of the picture you can see that the farmers plant corn in order to hide the plants.

Above you see another field. To reach this field we needed to drive trough nasty hills and walk the rest of the way as it is total hidden in the mountains. You can call this a huge guerrilla grow operation where it will be very hard to destroy the yield.

Above and below you can see people are growing the plant in their gardens:O) They say it a perfect mosquito repellent!!!!

A new trend started in Lebanon, people want to smoke the whole plant instead of the hashish. So some farmers are now doing grow operations in buildings and primitive greenhouses. The funny part is that they believe that they need to buy the expensive seeds from Holland in order to succeed. We decided that in future we will take clones from females from outdoor and grow them in greenhouses.

The same day we were there, other farmers got attacked by the military. Even though the guys we knew tried to help the farmers defending their crop by blowing few tractors up. The military destroyed most of the crop in that field. The interesting part is that the guys that defend their land and other farmers, actually don’t kill anyone they only sabotage the equipment the military uses.
Even roiters reported the event: 

Below is a movie where some local farmers explains their problem, here you can see the process of making the hashish in Lebanon.


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